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Target4Biz, a Digital Marketing agency and Organic SEO in Portugal is your digital partner that generate visits, conversions and sales in the most organic and least “promotional” way possible.

From March 19th 2009, Target4Biz offers several services of Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for SMEs.

We started by developing websites and managing social networks. In 2011, we added Organic SEO to our services to help customers gain more visibility. Our IT network infrastructure is implemented in Boston (USA), Quebec (Canada) and Portugal. In this way, we can help customers in both continents of America and Europe.

Currently, Target4Biz is a multidisciplinary group with skills in areas as diverse as website development, video promotion, social media management, marketing campaigns, online stores, inbound marketing … , which aims to conquer the market with its innovative approach.

With the aim of bringing together strategy, technology and a lot of creativity, we have managed to become a reference in projects in the area of ​​digital communication, institutional websites, SEO, social media management, and publicity.

What Target4Biz Organic SEO and Digital Marketing agency in Portugal is specialized

At Target4Biz we are fanatics in optimization and experts in Inbound Marketing, which means that we outline optimization strategies in all online media, which generate proactive customer demand, the weight of “Push” communication channels, reducing costs while increasing revenue sustainably.

Why is ROI important to us ?

At Target4Biz we like to change mentalities, by the strategic orientation to the market. We view our customers’ businesses from the outside in and optimize the same in this regard.

Being experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing, our main goal is to generate visits, conversions and sales in the most organic and least “promotional” way possible. We believe that business success is more than simply a “stuffed wallet” for advertising campaigns and that by using these mechanisms, coupled with a good Conversion Rate Optimization strategy, any company with the right product can succeed and compete next of the “Big spenders”.

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